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In the same sense that different style machines use different types of needles, different style of sewing machines will use different types of bobbins.


Juki DDL-8700 Bobbin

The Juki DDL-8700 will use an L bobbin. 

The L bobbin will also fit the other Juki DDL models, such as: DDL-8100e, DDL-8300, DDL-8500 and the DDL-5550N.


Juki DNU-1541S Bobbin

The Juki DNU-1541S uses an M bobbin.

The M bobbin can also be used on the Juki DU-1181N, THOR GC1541S, Seiko STH-8BLD-3 and the Consew 206RB-5.

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  • Cheryl on

    Do you have bobbins for Juki DU-1181N? If so where are they on this website? I watched one of Lauren Mormino’s videos and she referred us to you for thread. Do you also have the LIly white machine oil? If so please let me know.

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