Amann Bonded Nylon Thread - T-70

Sunny Sewing Machines offers Amann strongbond thread, also known as bonded nylon thread.

The bonded nylon thread is available in tex 70 (T-70, B-69). The majority of the cones are available in 10 ounce cones. 

We do have 1 lb. cones in black and in white. Call or email Ms. Fifi (214-749-7991 - for other colors that may be available in 1lb. cones or for colors that may not be on the color chart.

Amann bonded nylon thread is strong, durable, and will help provide a consistent and beautiful stitch. 

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You can use Amann bonded nylon thread for many medium to heavyweight applications, such as: 

  • Leather goods (bags, belts, wallets)
  • Upholstery (automotive and furniture)
  • Webbing
  • Technical textiles
  • Shoes
  • Vinyl
  • Canvas

Amann strongbond thread can be used with the following sewing machines:

  • Juki DDL-8700
  • Juki DDL-5550N
  • Juki DU-1181N
  • Juki DNU-1541S
  • Juki LU-1508N
  • THOR RE-0303
  • THOR GC1541S
  • THOR GC1341
  • THOR GC1341SC-BH
  • Seiko STH-8BLD-3
  • Typical GC0605A
  • Highlead GC0618-1SC
  • Consew 206RB-5
  • Consew 205RB-1

This bonded nylon thread is best suited for the following needle styles and sizes:

  • 16x257 or 16x231 - 18 Nm 110/18
  • 135x17 or 135x16 - 18 Nm 110/18
  • 135x17 or 135x16 - 19 Nm 120/19
  • 135x17 or 135x16 - 20 Nm 125/20
  • 135x17 or 135x16 - 21 Nm 130/21

 Purchase Amann thread color charts here

  • Brenda King on

    Can this thread be used with a Sailright industrial machine on leather? Anann bonded nylon thread t70

  • Brenda King on

    Can this thread be used with a Sailright industrial machine?

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