Single Needle Straight Stitch Lockstitch Sewing Machines

Single Needle Machines

The term "single needle machine" is usually used to reference a single needle, straight stitch, lock-stitch sewing machine. 

The most popular single needle machine is the Juki DDL-8700. In general the Juki DDL series is the most popular single needle series in the sewing industry. 

Other Juki DDL models are as follows:

  • Juki DDL-8100e
  • Juki DDL-8300
  • Juki DDL-8500
  • Juki DDL-5550

These single needle machines are great for light to medium-weight applications, such as:

  • T-shirts
  • Dresses
  • Undergarments
  • Lightweight fabrics
  • Denim

Single needle machines are very popular and can be found at tailor shops, alteration shops and with fashion designers. 

You can sew some lightweight leathers and vinyl, but single needle machines are not recommended for sewing thicker leathers or applications such as upholstery.

We do not recommend sewing thicker leathers or upholstery on single needle machines because of how they feed. Single needle machines do not feed like walking foot sewing machines.

Walking foot sewing machines feed with their feed dog and presser feet. Some walking foot machines will also feed with the needle.

The stitch length with single needle machines usually max out at 5mm. Whereas walking foot sewing machines have longer maximum stitch lengths, usually 9mm.

Single needle machines use Groz-Beckert 16x257 needles or Schmetz 16x231 needles.



The following needle sizes are available:

Nm 70/10 - Size 10

Nm 75/11 - Size 11

Nm 80/12 - Size 12

Nm 90/14 - Size 14

Nm 100/16 - Size 16

Nm 110/18 - Size 18

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